Pint-sized passion

by Mum Dee on December 1, 2012

I want to meet Olivia Binfield! She is so tiny and young and already has such a deep passion in life. Watching her with her awkward hair and her somewhat geeky mannerisms combined with a maturity that seemed out of place in someone so young brought tears to my eyes. She is absolutely adorable and so wonderful! What a creative and courageous little girl. My mind is flying thinking about how she will impact her world as she grows up. It is clear that she has already been encouraged to follow her heart and her giftings. I would love to send a thank you to her parents for helping her to develop into who she was created to be. What a gift it was to me to trip across this gem of a child on YouTube. There must be thousands more whom I would love to hear about. If it wasn’t for the internet I would miss seeing so many people and their incredible ideas and perspectives.

What about all the incredible people tucked away in small communities around the world who no doubt are blessing everyone around them. Who encouraged and helped them to become the individuals that they are meant to be. I will never know who they all are. Maybe they will never be known outside of the people close to them whom they impact the most. I doesn’t need to be bigger than that anyway.

I sometimes feel bad when I think back and realize how many times I squashed some dream one of my children had. I know that I encouraged them in many ways as well but the ways that I may have held them back haunt me. Was I trying to protect them from some unknown difficulty or was I just trying to make my path easier by avoiding having to help erectile dysfunction them pursue their ideas. Have I robbed them of a path that they might have pursued that would have led them to a career that might have fulfilled their inner longings? I will never know.

Everyone in the world is a unique individual with something to offer to society. We are little cogs in the huge mechanism of life. We all have roles to play in society and everyone of them is important. I am still looking for my little niche in the world. I am 56 years old now but still have plenty of years ahead of me, God willing. My time raising and educating my children was definitely somewhere that I totally loved being. Now they are all grown up and I am trying to discover my next place of intense fulfillment. Whom will I be able to touch in my circle to create my next mark on the world? I want to have a positive impact and leave a lasting footprint here.

One of my favorite websites is It is rife with awesome people and how they bring their rich ideas into being. I remember watching a video of an adolescent boy from somewhere in Africa that had built a generator for his village out of old bicycle parts etc. so that he could have electricity in his village of mud huts. He was so creative and ingenious! People now can have cellphones there  because they can come and plug in to charge them up. He has opened up his world for himself and all the people that live in his community. Am I overlooking the gems in my own circle of the world? I pray that my God will open my eyes to see the wonder in all the people I meet.

Where is the place that your cog tooth bites into your world?

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Gifted Children…or is it Gifted World?

by Mum Dee on September 24, 2010

I love this little boy! It blows me away when I see someone so small that has such a gift. I wonder how it is for him? How does it feel to be able to make his violin sing in the way he imagines it in his head and his heart. He was only 2 when he declared that he was going to play violin like Andre Rieu. Now at 3 he has had some training and is so happily doing what he was born to do!

How is it that people can have such an innate ability! It is like they are born with the knowledge already implanted in their brains. Of course that is not quite how it works but it sure seems this way. Oh the beauty of the people all around us!

When I stop to look closely at the people in my life I can see the incredible beauty in each of them. For some the gifts show on the outside, so easy for everyone to see. In others womans health they are more hidden. Their gift is perhaps in their ability to empathize with others or the way they can make others feel so loved. We all have something special to offer the world.

Unfortunately life sometimes chars people and it dulls their natural color so much that the gems inside of them get hidden from the the world and themselves as well. I wish I could go around and rub away all the tarnish from people’s hearts so that they could shine on the world in the way that God intended for them.

I love people! I find everybody to be so interesting. I love to watch people interact. I want to see everyone through God’s eyes. I want to see the beauty that is in them above everything else that shows on the outside. I want to be able to love them in the way that God loves them! That would be so amazing!!!!


So Busy These Days

by Mum Dee July 31, 2010

Wow, I have been so busy this summer with my grandchildren, my nephew and my own kids to say nothing of the dogs, our chickens, gardening, acres of lawn maintenance and pet sitting that I have been neglecting my blog. Go figure! Oh well I guess allergy there is only so much time in a […]

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Long Distance Grandma Face-to-Face at Last!

by Mum Dee July 11, 2010

My daughter and grandchildren are coming to visit this week! I haven’t seen them in over a year. I am always nervous when I get to see my grandchildren because I feel as though I don’t really know them well enough and so am not sure how they will like what I have planned to […]

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Breast Milk Needed

by Mum Dee June 30, 2010

Breast feeding is certainly the way that nature intended for us to feed our babies. The medical literature is clear that there are many advantages to breastfeeding including a reduction in respiratory infections and ear infections. Of course the sheer joy of nursing your baby is beyond compare. I would love to have another baby […]

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What’s Real?

by Mum Dee June 26, 2010

The line between imagination and reality is quite blurry when children are young. Do they really know the difference? Kids will tell you a story of how something happened and it can be so far fetched but they seem to firmly believe that that was the way the event transpired. Even as adults we can […]

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Real Love!

by Mum Dee June 21, 2010

The video above is a commercial from Thailand. I am not really sure how the advertising part of it works but it is such a beautiful story told in only two minutes. Get ready with the tissues! What a great way to convey a message about breaking traditional responses that only cause harm to the […]

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I’m Sorry

by Mum Dee June 17, 2010

I remember coming home after a long and tiring day to find a disaster in my kitchen! There were dirty mixing bowls and utensils on every imaginable surface. A film of some unidentified white powder seemed to have turned everything into some muted shade of its original color. Shredded up newspaper had taken over the […]

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What Are They Saying??

by Mum Dee June 13, 2010

I don’t know about you but I do not understand texting lingo. Oh okay, I get LOL and ROFL since these have sleeping aids been pointed out to me but what does JM2C mean? How about this one, LSHCCOMNAIWEDA: laughing so hard coke came out my nose and I wasn’t even drinking any. The list […]

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Long Distance Grandma

by Mum Dee June 9, 2010

I have two beautiful grandchildren, aged 8 and 6, that unfortunately have always lived very far away and get farther away all the time. I live in Quebec Canada not too far from Montreal. They were born in Ontario Canada, moved to Minnesota USA and they now live on the other side of the world […]

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