Bed-wetting and sleepovers. YIKES!

by Mum Dee on April 30, 2010

Oh, the thought of being teased about bed-wetting sends chills through my being!  Being found out to be a bed-wetter can be a child’s deepest social fear.  Knowing that their problem is not embarrassing at home can lend a lot of confidence to a child struggling with this difficulty.  It is also paramount that they understand that they will grow out of this just like all the children before them have.  We don’t hear about adults struggling with this now do we.  Well, not at least in the pre-geriatric crowd anyway.

When a child is going to be away from home though this presents a whole new bag of issues.  How will they keep this a secret?  Luckily in this day and age we have the ever convenient Pull-Ups.  There are a few simple strategies that any child can take advantage of.

When packing their bag for the sleepover each pull-up could be wrapped in it’s own plastic bag and then rolled up into their pajamas so that when they go to the washroom to change into their night clothes they can take their pajamas and no one will notice that they are carrying something extra.  If the child is going to wear a nightgown they can wear antibiotics their regular underwear over the Pull-Ups so that if their bottom gets exposed overnight no one will notice anything unusual.  The empty plastic bag can be wrapped into their clothing that is going back into the bag.

To make the morning routine go easier you can pack all the clothes that they will need to get dressed for the day into a plastic bag eg: pants, shirt, socks, underwear etc. and they can carry this into the bathroom.  Once they have changed they can put their used Pull-Up into the plastic bag, roll it into their pajama and carry this back to their bag.  No evidence need be left behind in the bathroom!  Having all their clothes packed like this for each day is great for any child because they have a difficult time keeping their clothing organized in luggage.  Make sure they have a separate pajama plus Pull-Up package ready to go for each night.

To build up their confidence get them to practice this at home a couple of days so that they can see how easy it is to keep their secret!  Now they will be ready to go and have a great time and not worry about bedtime.

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Mariah April 12, 2010

great advice mumdee! i will share this idea with my daughter. =)

Romi Loy May 21, 2010

Is this idea for me or for you when you were a kid?
Have you tryed to do it yet?
if you did…..dos it feel cumfertble?
I’m just saying it is a good idea.

Mum Dee May 21, 2010

Romi: This is an idea that I have developed from helping children get through difficult or awkward situations. I just used what I have done in the past and applied it to this difficulty. I hope you like it.

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