Awesome Mothers

by Mum Dee on May 9, 2010

Nothing can compare to the feeling of having your just born baby settling in on your belly as reach down to touch her for the first time. Her soft warm flesh finally under your fingers, your eyes drinking in every luscious detail about her. You have waited so long for this glorious moment, anticipating it somewhat nervously. Never could you have imagined how incredible it would be. It is almost beyond description. She is finally here waiting to be held in your eager loving arms. Oh, the ecstasy of it!

Somewhere deep down you are not sure you are ready to do all that will be demanded of you by this wonderful new baby but you and she are meant to be together. I was a mere eighteen years old when I gave birth to my first daughter and I remember that feeling all too well. I came to understand that inside of us is the ability to take on this monumental task of mothering. As you were growing up you might not have seen as much mothering happening around you as previous generations have so your experience is limited. This can make you feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Mothering is something that wakes up in you when you become a mother. It is planned to be that pain relief way. Even if you have never really enjoyed babies this one of yours is so delightful. Surely she has to be the most beautiful baby in the world. Just look at her, she is gorgeous!

Everyone will be clamoring around you telling you how to take care of her. How often to feed her, how to hold her, how long to hold her. The advice is endless! Who should you believe? They are all telling you something different! You need to do what feels right to you and your baby. When you seek out advice, you will know when someone suggests something that will work for you because it will feel right. This is your baby and you are her mother. She is yours not theirs and you get to decide. Trust yourself. You are as capable of mothering as every incredible mother that has come before you. You will learn who around you is encouraging you and helps you to find your way through the maze to what will be good for you and your baby. Listen to them and ignore the rest.

You are an awesome mother. You will come to find that out just like I did as did all the awesome mothers before us.


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Grace Hora May 15, 2010

wow! very chic, fabulous short hairdo! (i hadn’t seen you for a while.) and, GREAT family pics!

so, you started in your teens and i started in my 40’s. isn’t mothering a privilege? thanks for celebrating my beginning some 2 yrs. ago with me. now, we have a new baby! god-willing, there may come more! and, i might just check your blog for counsel!

thanks for sharing from your heart,

Mum Dee May 15, 2010

Thanks Grace! Yes mothering is a wonderful privilege. That is wonderful news about your growing family. Keep me in the loop!

If you have any questions I may be able to offer some insight into let me know.

Keep on enjoying your family!

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