At My Wit’s End

by Mum Dee on May 12, 2010

How often did I find myself tired or overwhelmed by the antics of my children or life in general? More often than I want to admit. Being a single parent on a very limited income offered me few routes of escape to tend to my own needs. It is clearly important to find time for ourselves as parents not only for ourselves but because it makes us better able to be good parents. But what to do when you can’t get away and you are worn to a frazzle?

Sometimes I needed to find a way to be alone without leaving the house so that I could find a little sanity. When I was worn out my patience was limited, to put it mildly. My children were better off without me for a half hour or so than with me flipping out in frustration. My babies were just fine on their own in their crib or playpen with a bunch of toys, even if they were crying, than they were with me when I was losing control of myself. A choice video to watch made for a good distraction for my young children or perhaps some time on a favourite computer game. I liked to have somethings on hand for days like these that my children didn’t usually have free access to to pull out last minute.

Bathrooms are great places to find alcoholism solitude because it is often the only room in the house with a lock on the door. Add to that a really loud cd player or Ipod (to drown out the crying baby) and a tubful of water and you have a temporary oasis. Another great place is right outside the backdoor. You have to make the kids stay in the house of course but even little ones can understand when you tell them that you are ready to blow and that it is better to leave you alone. When I needed solitude I always told my kids that they were not allowed to disturb me unless someone was bleeding to death! Oh yah, don’t forget to unplug the phone or take it with you because you don’t really want the children telling people that they can’t disturb you unless the house is burning down. More stress you don’t need! When you have had a chance to breathe in peace you will find that the situation that you were facing is much easier to deal with. Phew!

Everyone is going to have times like these at some point. Sometimes life is just going to pile up and push us over the edge. It makes us good parents when we choose to protect our children from the hot headed monster that tries to get out of us on occasion.

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