A Poem for Mum Dee

by Mariah on May 13, 2010

Dearest Mum Dee,

A poem for you on mother’s day. Your love always astounds me. You have poured out your very self into my life over and over again, even as I rejected it. I’m unbelievably blessed to have a mom as great as you. Thank you for your sacrifice all these years! I would surely have been lost without your persistence…

-your favorite first-born daughter 😉

You Loved

When I was born
You cuddled
I laughed
You beamed
I cried
You healed
When I strayed
You prayed
I rejected
You persisted
I stumbled
You lifted
When I returned
You embraced
I matured
You delighted
I married
You entrusted

After you loved I loved
After you prayed I prayed
After you worshipped I worshipped

Your love is God’s love
The love that brings life

I couldn't find a single picture of the two of us! I thought this was the next best thing... =)

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Carmen May 13, 2010

That is a lovely poem. You do have a special mom.

Mum Dee May 14, 2010

Thanks Mariah. I am very touched!

Cindy (friend of Mariah's) May 16, 2010

lovely photo of the grand-daughter and grandmother.. and beautiful poem! I can tell where Mariah gets her sweet spirit from.

Mum Dee May 16, 2010

Cindy: She is an awesome daughter!

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