Single Ladies Devastation

by Mum Dee on May 14, 2010

Have you seen this video on YouTube yet? Haven’t we all been there before? Sometimes we say the most innocent things and we crush a little heart inadvertently. Lucky for this father he saw right away how his son felt about it so he could reassure him right away. He called himself a terrible father but really he is a great father as we can clearly see by his instant recognition of how his son was feeling. He reacted perfectly!

I remember once when the whole family was out at the movies and Sabrina, who would have been about nine years old at the time, came out of the bathroom, her arm stretched out to the side, with a dripping mass in her hand. When we laid eyes on her we couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight. She immediately started bawling because she had apparently dropped her sweater into the toilet and was so embarrassed. She didn’t think it was funny at all! She felt that we were heartless. I had to make a quick skin care save out of that one.

Sometimes our children don’t let on right away how they felt about something we said to them and we have go on a fishing trip later on in the day to figure out what is bothering them. Poor Heidi had her confidence broken when she was six and we were trying to move Mariah’s bed from the second floor of our house to the bedroom in the basement. She was trying to help us carry the bed down the stairs and I landed up telling her “Stay out of the way. You aren’t big enough to help us move the bed.” She thought that I thought that she was useless even though I had remarked many times about how helpful and strong she was. After that she would always try to get other kids at the playground to measure up their arm muscles against her’s to see who was stronger. Luckily I don’t stick my foot in my mouth so often anymore.

Do you have any memories of awkward moments with your children?

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Mariah May 15, 2010

oh such a good post, mom! i’m trying to think of a story to share… i feel like i do this kind of thing so often, but can’t think of an example right now. maybe i will remember later.

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