Boys Need to be Boys

by Mum Dee on May 24, 2010

One fine summer day when my son Josh was under two years old we were having a barbecue at our friend’s house when all of a sudden I heard this cheery far off voice calling “Mommy, mommy”. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and I was starting to feel a little panicky because Josh was no where in site. I am sure the time was shorter than it felt but it seemed to be a long time before I finally located him in the top of a 30 foot spruce tree! I hadn’t really thought of looking up at first to locate the source of his calls but there he was.

Well no sooner than I could start to think about it I found myself crying out “Josh, you get down out of that tree right now!” Oh if only I could have swallowed those words back before he heard them. He called out a cheery “okay” and immediately started to bounce his way down out of that tree branch to branch at a terrifying speed. He clearly felt no fear at all about falling to his death unlike myself who was imagining picking up his lifeless body off the ground. He didn’t even hear me screaming “No, no slow down!” In no time at all he was proudly standing on the ground grinning from ear to ear delighted with his achievement!

My son Josh was the typical daredevil boy from the moment he was born! He was sitting up on his own at 2½ months, skipped crawling altogether and decided he would try out walking at 5½ months. By 9 months old he had figured out how to climb onto the the top of the refrigerator! “How am I going to keep his limbs intact?” I wondered. “What the heck do you do with a child like this?” Well, you learn to let boys be boys.

The summer during which he turned 2 years old we were often at the soccer pitch because his older sister, Mariah, was a player on a team. Behind the mini-pitch was a high and steep hill. It must have been more than a 45 degree angle on that hill and Josh would climb up there and run full hilt down a path carved out by the older kids on their mountain bikes. It terrified me to see him come hair loss careening down that hill! I was always trying to stop him from going up there until one of the fathers of another player who had been watching the antics pulled me aside and gently informed me that Josh seemed very able to handle the hill. He wanted to let me know that boys need to act like boys and that I shouldn’t try to squash his energetic and adventurous spirit so much. Being as I didn’t have a man in our family to help me understand the needs of boys I decided to take his advice to heart and tried to learn to let Josh have a little more free rein than my protective mothering nature preferred.

By the time he was 2 ½ I had to get rid of his tricycle because he was going to seriously injure someone the way he drove that thing around on the walkways surrounding the apartment building where we lived. I ended up getting him a real bicycle with blocks on the pedals, so that he could reach them, and lovely training wheels on the back. I thought that he could ride this around in the parking lot and being how large the bike was for him it would take him a while to learn how to be ride it. Hahaha, what a fool I was! After watching him ride it a few times I realized that I needed to get those training wheels off that bike, and right away, because he would take turns so fast that he would end up with the back wheel off the ground because the bike would tip up onto the training wheel. Good grief, there was no slowing this boy down! He didn’t need those training wheels at all.

Well Josh did manage to remain alive throughout childhood. Whew! He was the most persistent child imaginable. He did not give up on anything that he decided he should pursue until he got it. We often weren’t eye to eye on what he should be going after but it all worked out in the end.

I love him to death and wouldn’t trade him in for anybody else. I certainly have all sorts of very interesting stories to tell about all the antics that he would get into. Now I get to look back and have a good laugh over it all. It’s GREAT!

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Carmen May 28, 2010

Ohhhh….I remember Josh’s antics so well. He did things much earlier in life than I ever expected or had seen in other children.

Da Son June 1, 2010

Can’t say i remember all of that but sure sounds like me

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