What Are They Saying??

by Mum Dee on June 13, 2010

I don’t know about you but I do not understand texting lingo. Oh okay, I get LOL and ROFL since these have sleeping aids been pointed out to me but what does JM2C mean? How about this one, LSHCCOMNAIWEDA: laughing so hard coke came out my nose and I wasn’t even drinking any. The list of abbreviations that I don’t know is endless it seems! I admit that I have managed to adjust to the changes in expressions over the years. I get that “cool man” is not so cool anymore and that when I like something I am supposed to say “wicked” (or is that one outdated already??) but am I ready to learn a whole new language?

Perhaps this is a conspiracy by the younger generation to leave all us old folk out of the loop while they covertly change the world before we can realize what they are doing? Are they planning the demise of my precious telephone?? Will I wake up one morning to find out that I can no longer communicate with all the other old fogies because I don’t know how to text??? Is this divide and conquer???? Is this the Twilight Zone????? Hmmm, maybe this is how the telegraph operators of old felt when they invented radio. Wow, am I that out of touch?

Luckily I have been saved by my daughter who sent me this great link at HubPages. There is a list of commonly used text abbreviations that was put together by someone as lost as I am, by the name of R P Chapman.

“Recently I received the following message on my phone from a younger friend, “nps idk yet cu l8tr”. After staring at it for a minute or two, a couple of worrying thoughts came to mind. The first and more obvious one was, ‘how do I reply to that’; the second and more depressing one was, ‘when did I get this old!’”

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Chapman.

So nw i cn gt 2 wrk on lrning how 2 tlk. I think this is how it is done for regular words. I just leave out all the vowels, right?? Hey I think they are only bringing back an old fad. In ancient Hebrew they didn’t use vowels either. Maybe these kids are really just ancient people in diguise 😉 Ha! Now I will know what they are trying to plan behind my back!

Well, I guess I better get it together and start learning. I have some catching up to do! OOPS!! Sorry, what I meant to say was CID. (Whew saved my ass there)

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Carmen June 14, 2010

So funny and so true.

Mariah June 16, 2010

you’re hilarious Mom! =)

Mariah June 16, 2010

WYWH!!! or maybe i should say: WIWT!

hmm...? October 12, 2010


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