Real Love!

by Mum Dee on June 21, 2010

The video above is a commercial from Thailand. I am not really sure how the advertising part of it works but it is such a beautiful story told in only two minutes. Get ready with the tissues!

What a great way to convey a message about breaking traditional responses that only cause harm to the family. This father goes against his instinctual response and reacts with love instead. Love can transcend anything!

My daughter tells me that this type of heart wrenching method of filming is common in Asian films. They use images and music to transport you completely into these deep emotions. For instance they will portray a young boy sobbing his eyes out and wailing as his mother is slowly dying in front of him with the most emotive music playing in the background. I wonder if this is important to the people because they have to suppress so many emotional responses in their day to day lives that they need to be able to let their feelings out somewhere else. I can understand that. I know that I am drawn to watching movies about terrible injustices done in the world. If I am alone I will scream and yell and cry at the top of my lungs. I think it helps me to pour out some of the frustration that I feel in everyday life when I see the horrible adhd things that happen to people.

I can’t stand not being able to do something to stop injustice and pain happening around me but often there is nothing that I can do. I find it particularly painful to see children being badly treated. It can be simple things like hearing someone cut up their child with hurtful comments when they do something wrong. It can be as devastating as watching toddlers wandering the neighborhood and being taken care of as best as is possible by the people that live in the area because we can’t get youth protection to step in and help these children that are at terrible risk because their prostitute mother is unable to care for them. There are too many things that I have tried to fight against that I have had to witness during my life. I cannot change the world but I can help individuals that want to be helped. I do what I can!

The best thing I have to offer is compassion so I try to use that as much as possible. I pray that I can make a difference in people’s lives that my Father in heaven will approve of. He has loved me through everything and has taught me how to love. I want to spread that love around as much as I can.

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Mariah June 22, 2010

you have tried to fight injustice, and though not every situation was resolved, you have left a lasting impression and good example on your childrens’ and friends’ and even neighbors’ hearts. you are an example to us all to take action! God has given you a heart for justice. thank you for being obedient to your convictions, mom!

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