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I am so excited about starting this blog in the hope that with sharing my experiences someone else might benefit from them. I started out on my parenting journey as an eighteen year old unwed mother. I had no idea how I was going to mother this beautiful baby girl that was now relying totally on me for everything. My journey into parenthood was difficult and yet so rewarding. I didn’t even know how to love this baby or what family really was.

Before she was born I knew that I had to try to rekindle the relationship with my family even though I was estranged from them at that point except for my elder sister. I didn’t want my baby to grow up with only myself to depend on. I remember thinking “What if she hates me, she will have no one else to turn to for help if there is no extended family around her.”

After she was born I decided that I wanted to learn what made family so desirable to most people. I had a dear friend that lived in the same apartment building as I did and whenever she had her brother and sister over to visit she would invite me along. They LOVED being with each other and would have so much fun every time they gathered together. I would often just sit and watch their interaction revelling in the incredible joy they got from ambien being together. This is what I wanted to create for my daughter!

This was the beginning of my parenting journey that has led me through 34 years and 3 other wonderful children including two grandchildren who unfortunately live on the other side of the world. I have raised three daughters and one son and homeschooled the two youngest ones. My last baby is soon to turn nineteen and I have loved every bit of raising my family. Parenthood is wonderful even though it can drive you crazy at times. I would do it all over again if I was young enough to have the energy to keep up with children but at 53 I have to accept my limitations. Too bad!

So now I lend my efforts more towards helping others. I have many friends that come to me to share about their struggles with their own families. It is such a pleasure to try to help them find their way through the maze of child rearing. As well I love to see young families when I am out and about and I look for every opportunity to share with them words of encouragement when I see the great job they are doing with their children. I am hoping that with this blog I will be able to encourage all of you on your journey through this most rewarding land of mothering.

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Jennier May 9, 2010

That”s great! what a gtray way to mentor

Julie May 15, 2010

I only know one of your daughters and she is wonderful so I will certainly be checking on your blog here and there to get some tips on how to raise my 3 little ones (all under 4). Good luck with your blog, JC

Sharon May 15, 2010

I’m friends with your daughter and son-in-law (he’s actually staying with us in MN right now). My husband and I are expecting a child by July, and we just have no idea as to how to prepare ourselves to be good parents. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how to phrase my question b/c all I sense is anxiety! Any recommendations?

Mum Dee May 16, 2010

Julie: Thanks for the encouraging comments. With three little ones you must be quite busy. If you have any specific items of interest in parenting let me know and I will try to address them. Keep on having fun with your children.

Sharon: Feeling anxious about becoming a parent is certainly a common feeling. I will try to dig up some resources for you. In the meantime check out my post “Awesome Mothers” for a word of encouragement. Before Mariah was born I had no idea how I could care for child. You are so capable you just don’t know it yet!

Junko May 16, 2010

Hi, nice to meet you, mum Dee.
I’m a Japanese friend of your daughter in the other side of the world. I like your daughter and grand-children a lot. They are really kindhearted and fantastic.
I think I can learn many from you with this blog. I want to know how to bring up my kids likes your daughter. I’m lookin’ forward to see your update.
Have nice days*

Mum Dee May 17, 2010

Hi Junko. Thank you for the nice compliments. I hope you will find my blog helpful and fun.

Cara May 18, 2010

Hi Mum Dee! I’m a friend of Mariah’s in MN (actually we’ve met before). Great blog! I’m so glad you started it. As a brand new parent myself it’s become obvious that our culture puts more value on searching the internet than gathering advice from people we know and trust. To Sharon and any other parents for that matter, my first piece of advice would be to surround yourself with the friends/parents you wish to be like. Watch parents that you admire. Ask them what values are important to them. Some other fantastic parenting tools I’ve found are Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk (would reccomend to everyone), Attatchment Parenting by William & Martha Sears, and Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel. A very helpful website I’ve found is…along with this one of course. =) Keep it comin!

Mum Dee May 18, 2010

Cara: I do remember you. Good advice to look to parents and family that we admire. I wish you the best for your new family.

Wendy May 20, 2010

Hi Mum Dee,
I’ve watched your girls grow up into thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful young women…we go pretty far back don’t we! As the mom of 4 now grown-up daughters, I only wish this kind of interactive information was around when they were little. Heck, I’m still parenting them now, even though they’ve left the nest – as I’m sure you are as well! Can you include a blog for adult children here and there? As I’ve always heard, and can now testify to: Little kids, little problems; big kids, big problems!!! Congrats on a fantastic blog and much success ahead!

Mum Dee May 20, 2010

Wendy: You have certainly raised 4 lovely young women. Kudos to you! It is true, parenting never really stops. I will definitely consider your request =)

Jeanne May 22, 2010

i’m a friend of mariah’s in MN. mariah has impacted my life greatly, so i’m eager to hear from the mother who shaped HER life! :) i hope to check back periodically, but you know how busy life can get! blessings in this very cool endeavor! :)

rena July 4, 2010

Hi Mum Dee,
I’m a friend of Mariah in KL. She mentioned your blog and I love reading the stories and info you write! In the few months she lives in KL, Mariah has become a dear friend to me. You can be proud of her! She’s doing remarkably good in this tough environment thats called ‘settling-in in Malaysia’!
Hope to see/read more about raising kids, because having 2 kids myself, it’s always nice to read and laugh about someone elses experiences!

Mum Dee July 6, 2010

@rena I am so glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I am glad that Mariah is making good friends in Malaysia and yes I am proud of her! I hope you will enjoy raising your children as much as I have enjoyed mine.

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