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Pint-sized passion

by Mum Dee December 1, 2012

I want to meet Olivia Binfield! She is so tiny and young and already has such a deep passion in life. Watching her with her awkward hair and her somewhat geeky mannerisms combined with a maturity that seemed out of place in someone so young brought tears to my eyes. She is absolutely adorable and […]

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Gifted Children…or is it Gifted World?

by Mum Dee September 24, 2010

I love this little boy! It blows me away when I see someone so small that has such a gift. I wonder how it is for him? How does it feel to be able to make his violin sing in the way he imagines it in his head and his heart. He was only 2 […]

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What’s Real?

by Mum Dee June 26, 2010

The line between imagination and reality is quite blurry when children are young. Do they really know the difference? Kids will tell you a story of how something happened and it can be so far fetched but they seem to firmly believe that that was the way the event transpired. Even as adults we can […]

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Boys Need to be Boys

by Mum Dee May 24, 2010

One fine summer day when my son Josh was under two years old we were having a barbecue at our friend’s house when all of a sudden I heard this cheery far off voice calling “Mommy, mommy”. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and I was starting to feel a little panicky […]

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Togetherville; Facebook for Kids

by Mum Dee May 21, 2010

Have you heard about the new addition to the online world called Togetherville? It is a place where children of people who are members of Facebook can let their children connect with people they know on Facebook and trust to have contact with their children eg: grandparents and other family members or perhaps close family […]

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Tantrums in the Aisles

by Mum Dee May 17, 2010

If you haven’t lived through it yourself I am sure you have seen it happening, a child having a fit in the middle of a store. I remember those days all too well when one of my children would seem to transform from angel to demon in the blink of an eye. When it is […]

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At My Wit’s End

by Mum Dee May 12, 2010

How often did I find myself tired or overwhelmed by the antics of my children or life in general? More often than I want to admit. Being a single parent on a very limited income offered me few routes of escape to tend to my own needs. It is clearly important to find time for […]

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It’s Mine!

by Mum Dee May 5, 2010

Fighting over things can be the peace breaker of our homes. Learning to share is not all that easy. Children want to have control over what they have. It is natural isn’t it? Surely there has to be limits to what is acceptable… how can we help them to negotiate this road in life? Our […]

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Bed-wetting and sleepovers. YIKES!

by Mum Dee April 30, 2010

Oh, the thought of being teased about bed-wetting sends chills through my being!  Being found out to be a bed-wetter can be a child’s deepest social fear.  Knowing that their problem is not embarrassing at home can lend a lot of confidence to a child struggling with this difficulty.  It is also paramount that they […]

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