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Pint-sized passion

by Mum Dee December 1, 2012

I want to meet Olivia Binfield! She is so tiny and young and already has such a deep passion in life. Watching her with her awkward hair and her somewhat geeky mannerisms combined with a maturity that seemed out of place in someone so young brought tears to my eyes. She is absolutely adorable and […]

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Real Love!

by Mum Dee June 21, 2010

The video above is a commercial from Thailand. I am not really sure how the advertising part of it works but it is such a beautiful story told in only two minutes. Get ready with the tissues! What a great way to convey a message about breaking traditional responses that only cause harm to the […]

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I’m Sorry

by Mum Dee June 17, 2010

I remember coming home after a long and tiring day to find a disaster in my kitchen! There were dirty mixing bowls and utensils on every imaginable surface. A film of some unidentified white powder seemed to have turned everything into some muted shade of its original color. Shredded up newspaper had taken over the […]

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Tantrums Rule?

by Mum Dee June 5, 2010

My son -in-law sent me a news article that I found so shocking. It had never occured to me that something like this could happen. This is how the article began. “Taking a deep drag on his cigarette while resting on the steering wheel of his truck, he looks like a parody of a middle-aged lorry […]

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Single Ladies Devastation

by Mum Dee May 14, 2010

Have you seen this video on YouTube yet? Haven’t we all been there before? Sometimes we say the most innocent things and we crush a little heart inadvertently. Lucky for this father he saw right away how his son felt about it so he could reassure him right away. He called himself a terrible father […]

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