At My Wit’s End

by Mum Dee May 12, 2010

How often did I find myself tired or overwhelmed by the antics of my children or life in general? More often than I want to admit. Being a single parent on a very limited income offered me few routes of escape to tend to my own needs. It is clearly important to find time for […]

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Awesome Mothers

by Mum Dee May 9, 2010

Nothing can compare to the feeling of having your just born baby settling in on your belly as reach down to touch her for the first time. Her soft warm flesh finally under your fingers, your eyes drinking in every luscious detail about her. You have waited so long for this glorious moment, anticipating it […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

by Mum Dee May 7, 2010

Well, here we are in spring again! With that comes Mother’s Day. A day put aside to celebrate motherhood. Mothers, who are they? Born a girl, perhaps a sister, certainly a daughter, one day to become a woman and if they are blessed with a baby have the opportunity to be a mother. What a […]

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It’s Mine!

by Mum Dee May 5, 2010

Fighting over things can be the peace breaker of our homes. Learning to share is not all that easy. Children want to have control over what they have. It is natural isn’t it? Surely there has to be limits to what is acceptable… how can we help them to negotiate this road in life? Our […]

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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

by Mum Dee May 2, 2010

Our children are growing up in the lap of luxury in this world of ours. They are inundated with endless ads selling them on the idea of all the things they are supposed to want and desire. Our culture teaches them that happiness comes from having lots of stuff! From the time they are born […]

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Bed-wetting and sleepovers. YIKES!

by Mum Dee April 30, 2010

Oh, the thought of being teased about bed-wetting sends chills through my being!  Being found out to be a bed-wetter can be a child’s deepest social fear.  Knowing that their problem is not embarrassing at home can lend a lot of confidence to a child struggling with this difficulty.  It is also paramount that they […]

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